Seafood Consumption in Europe

Annual Seafood consumption per capita in kg.

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On this map, we can see the amount of seafood people consume in each country. It is calculated in kilograms per person per year.

Map of the annual Seafood Consumption in Europe.

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It probably comes as no surprise that landlocked countries consume far less than coastal countries. One thing that stands out immediately, is the massive amount of seafood people in Iceland consume. With 92 kg per person per year, Icelandic people consume far more seafood than any other country. Not just in Europe, but worldwide. Icelandic people are the biggest consumers of seafood in the world.

Iceland’s seafood consumption, makes the seafood consumption in Norway, Portugal and Spain look not that high. However, these 3 countries consume a very large amount of seafood and are still one of the world’s biggest consumers of seafood worldwide. Norway and Portugal making it into the global top 10 and Spain the global top 20.

The data comes from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


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