Meat Consumption in Europe

We looked before at which type of meat people in Europe like the most. Now let’s look at how much meat they consume.

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Map of the meat consumption in Europe.

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First off, to be clear, fish and seafood are not counted as meat. If you’re curious about that, check out this map.

Meat consumption in Europe is pretty high in most parts of the continent. It’s clearly much lower in Albania, Moldova, North Macedonia, Turkey and Bosnia. However, their per capita meat consumption still equals an average of 107 grams of meat per day.

The biggest consumers of meat are Spain (99), Portugal (95), Iceland (91), Poland, (88) and Austria (87). Not only are Spain, Portugal and Iceland one of the biggest consumers of meat in Europe. They also are one of the biggest consumers of seafood in Europe. With a consumption of 92 kg of seafood per capita, Icelandic people consume more or less as much seafood as they consume meat!

If you’re curious about the meat consumption in Asia, check out this map!


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