Tobacco Use in Asia

Percentage of adults using any tobacco product per country.

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Last week we looked at the tobacco use in Europe. This week we’ll have a closer look at the tobacco use in Asia. Like the map about Europe, this map displays the percentage of the adult population (aged 15 and over) that use any tobacco product on a daily or non-daily basis. This includes not only any type of smoking tobacco (e.g. cigarettes, cigars, pipes), but also any other type of tobacco consumption, like chewing tobacco.

Map of the tobacco use in Asia per country.

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In Asia, there’s a much less clearer pattern than in Europe. We do see that tobacco usage is the highest in several south-east Asian countries like Indonesia, Laos and Myanmar. Tobacco usage seems to be the lowest in some countries in the Middle East and Central Asia, like Iran, Uzbekistan and Iran. However, there are still plenty of countries in these two regions where tobacco usage is over 25%.

Using the data for tobacco use, gives a much better and more realistic picture than using the data for tobacco consumption (sales) per country. The data for tobacco use, measures only the actual usage of tobacco products by the adult population of the specific country.

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