Seafood Consumption in Asia

Annual Seafood consumption per capita in kg.

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We recently had a look at the seafood consumption in Europe. But what about Asia? A lot of Asian countries, like Japan, are famous for their seafood. But how much seafood does each Asian country actually consume?

map of the Seafood Consumption in Asia.

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On this map, we can see the amount of seafood people consume in each country. It is calculated in kilograms per person per year.

Straight away we can see a very big difference between the western and eastern part of Asia. In most of the western half of Asia, seafood consumption is very low, whether a country has direct access to the sea or not. Israel, Oman and the United Arab Emirates seem to be the only exceptions here.

The biggest seafood consumers per capita in Asia (and 2nd biggest in the world), are the Maldives. Which is probably not too surprising, as it is a nation made up of several small islands.

Other big seafood consumers in Asia are Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia and South Korea.

The data comes from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


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