Seafood Consumption in Africa

We already looked at seafood consumption in Europe and Asia. This time, let’s take a look at Africa.

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Map showing the seafood consumption in Africa.

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We can see on this map that there are quite some contrasts, when it comes to seafood consumption. Not too surprising, most of the inland countries or countries with a short coastline, have a very low seafood consumption. However, when it comes to the coastal countries, we can see that there are quite some differences.

We can see that a lot of the countries on the Atlantic coast, have a much higher seafood consumption than other areas in Africa. With Gabon having the highest seafood consumption in Africa (30kg/person/year). The Republic of the Congo (29kg), Ghana, Sierra Leone (25kg) and Egypt (23kg) are the other countries with a seafood consumption over 20kg.

Some of the coastal countries have a surprisingly low seafood consumption. This could be because seafood is not popular in that country, but one of the possible other reasons is the high amount of seafood being exported to mainly Europe and Asia. Madagascar is a great example of this. Despite being an island nation, they have a very low seafood consumption. Like some other African countries, the government of Madagascar has made a deal with the Chinese government and several Chinese companies to allow them to fish in their waters. These deals lead to overfishing, puts the local fisherman out of work and leaves less fish for the local population.


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