Road Fatalities in South America

Which countries in South America have the most dangerous roads?

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Map of the road fatalities in South America.

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Recently we’ve looked at the road fatality rate in Europe and in Asia. On this map, we’ll be looking at South America. A quick look reveals however that most South American roads seem to be a lot more dangerous than European roads. The countries with the safest roads in South America, have the same road traffic death rate as the European areas with the most dangerous roads.

Venezuela, with a road traffic death rate of 39.0, has by far the most dangerous roads in South America. They’re not just the most dangerous roads in South America, but also the third most dangerous in the world. Guyana (22.3), who ranks second in South America, doesn’t even make it into the global top 50 (which is dominated by African countries).

French Guiana (13.4) has the safest roads in South America. Second is Peru (13.6) followed by Argentina (14.1).

Data for this map comes from the WHO. Data for French Guiana comes from Eurostat.

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