Road Fatalities in Asia

Which countries in Asia have the most dangerous roads?

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Map of the road fatalities in Asia.

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Recently we’ve looked at the road fatality rate in Europe. On this map, we’ll be looking at Asia. Keep in mind though that both maps use different sources. This makes it less reliable to compare both maps. A quick look reveals however that most Asian roads seem to be a lot more dangerous than European roads.

The Middle East and South-East Asia have some of the most dangerous roads in Asia. In Saudi Arabia the rate is 35.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest in Asia. Thailand (32.2), Vietnam (30.6), Yemen (29.4) and Iraq (27.3) also have a rate that is far higher than other Asian country.

Macau (1.2), Hong Kong (1.5) and the Maldives (1.6) have by far the lowest rate. This also due to the small size of these countries. Macau and Hong Kong are city-states, meaning distances are shorter and public transport can get you almost anywhere. The Maldives low rate is mostly due to it being a state made up of small islands, resulting in much lower traffic. Singapore (2.1), Japan (3.6) and Israel (3.9) also have a relatively low road traffic death rate.

Data for this map comes from the WHO.

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