Largest age group in Europe

What’s the largest 10-year age group around Europe?

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Map of the largest age group in Europe.

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This map shows us an interesting demographic detail. It shows us which 10-year age group is the largest in different regions around Europe. Of course this is a very small demographic detail and doesn’t show the whole picture. The fact that people in their 50s are the largest age group in an area, doesn’t mean that the median age is high in that area, but there is a very strong correlation.

Whoever is the largest demographic group in an area, usually also strongly influences politics. As that group is the largest group of potential voters. Furthermore, it also says something about the future of an area.

In most of Europe, people in their 40s and 50s are the largest age group. In Croatia and Serbia, people in their 60s are the largest age group. In Kosovo it’s teenagers. In Albania, Iceland and Turkey, people in their 20s are the most common age group.

In most countries, the differences between regions are very small. But there are some countries that have some very interesting differences. In Germany, we can clearly see a big difference between major cities and the rest of the country. The same goes for the UK, where in some cities, kids younger than 10 are the most common age group. France probably has the largest differences, with many areas having kids in their teens or younger than 10 as the most common age group and at the same time have several regions with people in their 60s as the most common age group.

Data for this map comes from Eurostat.

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