Years of Schooling in Asia

How many years do people in Asia spend on average in the education system?

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Map of the mean years of schooling in Asia.

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This map gives us a look at how long people in Asia are in the education system on average. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily say something about the quality of the education.

The differences in Asia are quite big. There are countries where people spend only a few years in the education system and countries that have one of the highest means in the world. The statistic covers all people over the age of 25. This means that the vast majority of the people in this statistic have already completely finished their education, which gives a more accurate view. The downside of including such a large age group, means that a lot of people are included that grew up in an age where a secondary school degree was enough to get a decent job. These people bring down the mean significantly. Sadly, there is no data available per age group.

Georgia has the highest mean (13.1). Israel is the only other Asian country with a mean of 13 or higher. Japan (12.9), Hong Kong, Taiwan (12.3), Russia, South Korea (12.2) and the UAE (12.1) are the only countries in Asia with a mean of 12.0 or higher.

The lowest mean can be found in Yemen (3.2), Afghanistan (3.9) and Bhutan (4.1).

Data for this map comes from the UNDP. The data for Taiwan comes from the Taiwanese Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics.

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