Wine Consumption in Europe

Which countries are the biggest wine drinkers in Europe?

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Map of the wine consumption in Europe.

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Last year, we already looked in detail at the alcohol consumption in Europe. Recently, the WHO released new data for 2019. In this map, we’re going to use that data and look at the wine consumption in Europe.

Europe and especially southern Europe, is one of the biggest producers of wine in the world. Not only that, they are also one of the biggest consumers of wine in the world.

The largest consumer of wine in Europe, is France with 54 litres of wine. Just behind France is Portugal with 50 litres. Third is Slovenia with 44 litres. We can see that Southern Europe clearly is the biggest consumer of wine. Although various Western European countries also have a decent wine consumption. 2018’s largest consumer of wine globally, Moldova, has consumed significantly less in 2019, only 30 litres per capita. Spain is also an interesting case. Despite being famous for its wines (and producing large amounts of it), Spaniards drink far more beer than wine.

Turkey has by far the lowest wine consumption in Europe. The same goes for other countries in the far eastern half of Europe like Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Curious who the biggest beer drinkers are in Europe? Check out this map.

The WHO calculates the wine consumption in litres of pure alcohol. For this map, I’ve used those number and converted them to actual litres. As we’re not comparing different types of alcohol, the amount in litres of pure alcohol is less relevant. For this map, I’ve used an ABV of 12% as the standard.


  1. Would be interesting to see how Georgia fares in wine consumption and other statistics as they are culturally more European than Asian


    1. In terms of wine consumption, Georgia would easily fit in with the rest of Europe. The per capita consumption of wine in Georgia is 26.6 litres.


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