Spirits Consumption in Europe

Which countries are the biggest consumers of hard liquor in Europe?

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Map of the spirits consumption in Europe.

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Last year, we already looked in detail at the alcohol consumption in Europe. Recently, the WHO released new data for 2019. In this map, we’re going to use that data and look at the spirits consumption in Europe.

When it comes to the consumption of spirits, Eastern Europe is clearly the winner. The largest consumer of spirits in Europe, is Latvia with 5.3 litres of pure alcohol. Just behind Latvia is Lithuania and Bulgaria with 5 litres. All three of the Baltic countries are in the European top 5.

Turkey has the lowest spirits consumption in Europe. Just like with beer and wine consumption, Turkey ends up at the bottom of the ladder in Europe.

Recently I also made a made about the beer consumption and wine consumption in Europe.

The WHO calculates the spirits consumption in litres of pure alcohol and is adjusted for the population over 15 years of age.

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