Wine Consumption in South America

Which countries are the biggest wine drinkers in South America?

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Map of the wine consumption in South America.

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We already looked at the wine consumption in Europe, but there is another part of the world famous for its wine, both in consumption and production: South America.

If we look at this map, we can see that it’s not all of South America that’s a big fan of wine. In fact, there is a very very strong contrast between the north and the south.

The largest consumer of wine in South America is Argentina with 24 litres of wine. Just behind Argentina is Uruguay with 23.8 litres. Third is Chile with 21.8 litres. All other South American countries consume less than 5 litres per capita per year. In the far north it even drops below 1 litre.

The WHO calculates the wine consumption in litres of pure alcohol. For this map, I’ve used those number and converted them to actual litres. As we’re not comparing different types of alcohol, the amount in litres of pure alcohol is less relevant. For this map, I’ve used an ABV of 12% as the standard.


  1. Hola, tengo una consulta sobre el número de Chile, el consumo interno del 2019 fue de 2,4 millones de Hectolitros y considerando que la población mayor a 18 años (en Chile se puede beber legalmente a esa edad) es de 15 millones, el consumo por persona en Chile sería de 16 L y no de 21,8 L

    Hi, I’ve a question about the chile’s consumption number; in 2019 the wine consumption was 2,4 million hectoliter, so if we take the population number 18+, we would have 15 million persons so the consumption would be 16L not 21,8 L


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