Fertility Rate in Europe

How many children do women have on average in Europe?

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Map of the fertility rate in Europe

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We already looked at the mean age at which women have their first child. On this map, we can see the average number of children women in Europe have. In most of Europe, this is between 0.9 and 1.9. The replacement rate is 2.1. Which means that in most of Europe, not enough children are born to replace the current population. Without any immigration, this would lead to a declining population in the future.

The only areas with a fertility rate around or above the replacement rate, is the area around Paris, the south-east of France, the north-west of Romania and the south and east of Turkey.

The lowest fertility rate, can be found in southern Europe and some of Europe’s major cities. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Albania and Greece have some of the lowest fertility rates. But major cities like London, Budapest and Helsinki also have similarly low fertility rates.

The data for this map comes from Eurostat.


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