Mean age of women at birth of first child

At what age do women in Europe have their first child?

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Map of Europe showing the mean age of women at birth of their first child by country.

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When looking at this map of the mean age of women at the birth of their first child, we can see a very clear geographical difference. The highest mean ages can be found in southern Europe and the lowest mean ages in Eastern Europe.

Italy has the highest mean age (31.3) followed by Luxembourg and Spain (31.1). Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Ireland and the Netherlands also have a mean age of 30 or higher.

In most of Europe the mean age is above 28. All countries with a mean age below 28 are located in the eastern half of Europe. Ukraine (25.6) and Belarus (25.8) are the only countries where the mean age is below 26.

The data for this map comes from Eurostat.

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