Annual Population Change in the US

Which areas in the US see the largest increase and decrease in population?

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Map of the annual population change in the United States.

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Recently, the population numbers for the 2020 US Census were released. A great opportunity to compare those numbers with the 2010 Census.

The numbers on this map represent the average annual population change. This number was calculated by using the population data from the 2010 and 2020 Census. The average annual population change for all of the US is +0.71%.

We can see that the west of the US is more green than the rest of the country. The same goes for Florida, which is also largely dark green. One of the most interesting states on the map, is Texas. It has some of the fastest growing and decreasing areas of the US.

A lot of the pink areas are rural areas. Most of them are in the Great Plains, Mid-West and Deep South. On the other hand, a lot of dark green areas are in or near major cities.

On the state level, most of the states have seen an increase in population. Only three states have a negative annual population growth: West Virginia (-0.32%), Mississippi (-0.02%) and Illinois (-0.01%). The states with the highest annual population growth are Utah (+1.7%), Idaho (+1.61%), Texas (+1.49%) and North Dakota (+1.48%).

Curious about the population change in Europe? Have a look at this map.

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