Household Size

What’s the average household size around Europe?

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Map of the average household size in Europe.

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On this map we can see the average household size in each European country. It’s the lowest in Germany and the Scandinavian countries, with an average of 2 people per household. Much of North, Central and Western Europe has an average household size below 2.5.

The household size is the highest in the south east of Europe. Kosovo has by far the highest, with an average household size of 6 people. Albania, North Macedonia (3.7), Montenegro and Turkey (3.3) are the only other countries with an average household size over 3.

There are a lot of demographic and cultural factors that influence the average household size of a country. Higher average household sizes can be the result of multiple generations living in one house, families with a lot of kids and young people moving out only once they get married. Lower average household sizes could be the result of young people living on their own (before getting married), elder people being able to live independently longer and families having a smaller number of kids or no kids.

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