Olympic Games Host Cities

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games starting soon, let’s have a look at the past host cities for the Olympic Games.

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World map of the host cities for the Olympic Games.

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Tomorrow (Friday 23rd of July), the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will officially start. It’s the second time Tokyo hosts the Olympic Summer Games. They hosted it before in 1964. It’s also the 4th Olympic Games taking place in Japan. It hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 1972 in Sapporo and 1998 in Nagano.

This map shows all the host cities of the modern Olympic Games, since 1896. The first modern Olympic Games were hosted in Athens. Which hosted the Olympics again in 2004. The first Winter Olympics were hosted in the French Alps in Chamonix.

The city that has hosted the Olympics more than any other city, is London. It hosted the Olympics in 1908,1948 and 2012. Cities that have hosted the Olympics twice are Athens, Innsbruck, Lake Placid, Paris, St. Moritz, Stockholm and Tokyo.

Although the Olympics of 1956 were held in Melbourne, the equestrian events were held in Stockholm. Stockholm had to bid for the equestrian competition separately; it received its own Olympic flame and had its own formal invitations and opening and closing ceremonies, just like the regular Summer Olympics. Therefore, it’s officially seen as a host city as well.

The country that has hosted the largest number of Olympic games, is the United States. They hosted a total of 8 Olympic Games. France comes in second with 5 Olympic Games.

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