Suicide Rate in Europe

Which areas in Europe have the highest suicide rate?

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Map of the suicide rate in Europe.

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Looking at this map, we can see that suicide is a big problem in some specific areas of Europe. The areas that stand out the most are Lithuania, South-East Hungary, Southern Belgium, Slovenia and Brittany.

Especially Lithuania has a very high suicide rate. The Central & Western region of Lithuania has a far higher suicide rate than any other area in Europe. Lithuania even has the 5th highest suicide rate in the world. The high suicide rate in Lithuania is believed to be linked to GDP growth, poverty, alcoholism, depression, and the weather.

For the other regions, I found some possible reasons for why the suicide rate is so high there, but no definitive answers. So if you know why the suicide rates are so high in some specific parts of Europe, please let me know in the comments.

Eastern Europe has for a long time had a higher suicide rate than other parts of Europe. Although some areas of Eastern Europe still have the highest suicide rates in Europe, the positive thing is that it is dropping for most areas in Eastern Europe. That includes Lithuania.

For the lowest suicide rates in Europe, we have to look further south. Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Turkey have some of the lowest suicide rates in Europe.

Data for this map comes from Eurostat. The suicide rate on this map is based on a 3-year average.

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