The Best and Worst Roads in South America

How good is the quality of the roads in South American countries?

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Map of the road quality in South America.

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We looked at the road quality in Asia and Europe before. Today we’re looking at the road quality in North America. As we can seem, the quality of the road infrastructure in South America varies widely.

Chile and Ecuador have by far the best roads in South America. Chile, with a score of 5.2, ranks 24th globally. Which puts it ahead of countries like Canada, Australia and the UK.

The other South American countries all rank between 3 and 4. However, two countries rank very poorly, not just in South America, but globally. Paraguay and Venezuela both have a score of only 2.6. Globally they rank 126th out of 141.

The data for this map comes from the Global Competitiveness Report 2019 by the World Economic Forum, in which 141 countries are rated on a variety of topics. Some of those ratings are the outcome of The Executive Opinion Survey. 12,987 business executives in 139 economies answered 78 questions, which asks them to evaluate the situation for specific domains at the country level. One of these questions was: “In your country, what is the quality (extensiveness and condition) of road infrastructure?”. People could give a rating from 1 (extremely poor—among the worst in the world) to 7 (extremely good—among the best in the world).

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