Coffee Consumption in Europe

How much coffee do Europeans drink every year?

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Map of the coffee consumption in Europe.

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We looked at the tea consumption in Europe before. Which was quite high in Turkey, Ireland, the UK and Russia. But for most European countries, coffee is consumed much more than tea. Europeans are one of the biggest consumers of coffee in the world.

Personally, I always thought Finland and other Northern European countries were the biggest consumers of coffee. That seem to be mostly true. But what surprises me, is the enormously high consumption of coffee in Luxembourg, which is more than double that of no. 2 Finland. I’m very sceptical about this number and have a suspicion that it might be caused by people from neighbouring countries buying coffee in Luxembourg because it might be cheaper. It could also be skewed due to the small population size of Luxembourg. Sadly I can’t confirm this. So, for the time being, I’m going assume the number is correct, although I’m still suspicious about it.

There seems to be a very clear pattern here. The Nordic countries are definitely the biggest coffee drinkers in Europe. The German speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland also consume a decent amount of coffee. Bosnia and Montenegro also consume a significant amount of coffee.

Near the bottom, we find the world’s largest consumer of tea, Turkey. Turkish people definitely prefer tea over coffee.

Data for this map comes from the FAO.


  1. Hello,
    VAT on coffee (sold in supermarkets – not the togo) is 3% in Luxembourg and 19% in Germany for example. It is 21% in Belgium and the Netherlands and 20% in France.
    If you visit a petrol station in Luxembourg, you will see vast quantities of alcohol and coffee on the shelves. Bartenders from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany come with their vans and lorries and buy vast quantities of coffee in Luxembourg petrol stations, sometimes even loading it immediately from the yard, because the coffee is much cheaper on the open market in Luxembourg than in Dutch or Belgian wholesalers. Gastronomes sometimes travel long distances to buy these goods in Luxembourg. The same applies to alcohol and tobacco products. So these statistics are based on completely wrong basic data and are therefore totally wrong.


  2. I’ve been looking at some of your maps and I’m not sure about your results, as you’re saying those are based on people replying to surveys and your not taking in consideration different cultures about participation willingness to such.
    I’ve being living in different countries, more time than in my country of birth (Italy), speak and write a few languages and travel extensively. I don’t agree with done if your results.


  3. The high number for Luxembourg is likely due to people living in neighbouring countries but commuting to Luxembourg for work.


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