Tea Consumption in Europe

How much tea do Europeans drink every year?

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Map of the tea consumption in Europe.

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Although coffee is probably consumed more than tea in Europe, it’s still a very popular drink in many European countries. A look at this map clearly shows which European countries are the biggest tea drinkers.

The British might have the reputation for being big tea drinkers, but they are not the biggest tea drinkers in Europe. British are the 3rd biggest tea drinkers in Europe. Turkey and even Ireland consume more than the UK. Turkey is not only the biggest consumer in Europe, but in the whole world.

We can see a very interesting pattern on this map. It seems like there is almost a sort of corridor stretching from the UK to Russia of countries that consume more tea than a lot of other European countries.

Southern European countries (except Turkey) consume the lowest amount of tea per capita.

Curious about the tea consumption in Asia? Check out this map.

Data for this map comes from Statista.


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