Cultural Employment

Which areas in Europe have the highest percentage of employment in the cultural sector or a cultural occupation?

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Map of the the biggest cultural hubs in Europe, when it comes to employment.

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If you’re curious in which parts of Europe the cultural sector is the biggest, this map will help you to get a better idea. It shows the share of cultural employment compared to the total employment in the area.

First, let’s clear up the definition of cultural employment. Included in this dataset is:

  • Every person working in a cultural sector regardless of whether her/his occupation is cultural or not;
  • Any cultural occupation, even if exercised in a non-cultural sector.

If you want to see the exact list of the occupations that are classified as fully cultural, have a look at this and this document.

Now, let’s have a look at the map. One thing that stands out straight away, is that cultural employment is usually higher in the capital city. That probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

We can also see that cultural employment is much more prevalent in West and Northern Europe. It seems to be particularly high in Switzerland and Slovenia, when looking at the whole country. Cultural employment is lowest in the Southeast of Europe.

London is the area with the highest share of cultural employment. 10.9 to 12% of employment in Inner London is cultural. Berlin comes in 3rd, which probably isn’t too surprising. Fourth and fifth are Prague (8.8%) and Budapest (8.6%)

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