How Safe Do People feel to Walk Alone at Night in Asia

How safe do people in Asia feel to walk alone on the streets at night?

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Map of how safe people Asia feel to walk alone on the streets at night.

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How safe one feels to walk alone on the streets at night, doesn’t necessarily say anything about the crime rate in the country. But it does give a very good sense of how safe people feel in their country. Although both are probably closely related, having a low crime rate doesn’t necessarily mean that people will also feel safe. Crime rates can give a skewed view in countries where crime is under-reported or people have lost faith in the law enforcement and don’t report crimes any more.

Of course, this statistic can vary from city to city and even between neighbourhoods. Not just that, it can also vary depending on the demographic you ask. Data on these detailed statistics are non-existing for most countries.

Regardless of whether you think crime rates and how safe people feel are closely connected or not, let’s have a look at the map. Which will just give us a rough idea how safe people feel to walk the streets alone at night.

At the bottom end, there is one country that scores far lower than any other country: Afghanistan (19.9). Considering the tragic current situation there, it will come as no surprise. The other countries at the bottom are also affected by war and turmoil: Yemen (22.7) and Syria (28). Bangladesh (25.5) is an exception.

The highest scores can be found in Taiwan (86.2), Qatar (86.0) and the UAE (83.3). The only ones to score over 80. These three countries are not just the top 3 of Asia, but also the global top 3. Armenia, Hong Kong, Japan and Oman also score very well (75+).

These numbers come from and are the numbers as they were on the 15th of November 2021.


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