People With No Bank Account

What percentage of each country’s population doesn’t have a bank account?

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Map of Europe showing the percentage of the population that doesn't have a bank account.

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In most European countries, the majority of the people have a bank account. However, the size of that majority varies widely. When looking at this map, the first thing that stands out, is the very clear east-west divide. In the western half of Europe the number of people without a bank account is very small. Ranging from only 0.1% in Denmark, to 7.7% in Portugal.

When looking at the eastern half of Europe, the percentage of people without a bank account is much higher. Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia have similar percentages to the western half of Europe. Moldova and Albania are the only countries where the majority of the population does not have a bank account. 60% of Albanians and 56.2% of Moldovans don’t have a bank account.

If you’re curious whether there is any relation with the number of cash payments, then have a look at this map. As you can see there isn’t a very strong relation.

The data for this map comes from The World Bank. They define a bank account as an account at a bank or other financial institution or with a mobile money service provider.

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