Instant Noodle Consumption in Europe

Although nowhere near as popular as in Asia. Instant noodles are still quite popular in parts of Europe.

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Map of the instant noodle consumption in Europe.

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Instant noodles were invented in Japan by Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin. In 1958, the first instant noodles were available in stores in Japan. They were sold by Nissin under the name Chikin Ramen. Instant noodles are pre-cooked, dried noodles with flavouring powder and/or seasoning oil. Nowadays there are numerous instant noodles brands, but Nissin is still one of the major producers of instant noodles.

Today, instant noodles are still very popular the world over. For many it was a regular meal when they were short on money during college or uni. Or a quick lunch option from the convenience store during work. They’re usually low-priced and easy and quick to eat, by just adding hot water.

Although not as popular as in Asia, instant noodles relatively popular in some European countries. Russia consumes by far the largest number of instant noodles per capita (13.9). Other European countries where instant noodles are quite popular are Poland (8.4) and Ukraine (7.3).

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