Why Do…?

Why do Germans stare? Why do Slovaks look Asian? Google autocomplete comes up with some very weird and interesting results.

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Map of google autocomplete results for why do country's people?

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What’s the first autocomplete result when you type “Why do Germans” or “Why do Russians” in Google? Well, you can see all these results in this map.

A lot of the results seem to be based on stereotypes. Why do Dutch people wear wooden shoes? Why do Greeks brake plates? Why do Irish have red hair? But there are also several results that seem very strange at first. Why do Slovaks look Asian? Why do Germans stare? Why do British say X?

There are also several results that have to do with language. Why Belgians speak French? Why do Ukrainians speak Russian? Why Danish speak English? The latter is probably referring to the high English proficiency of Danish people.

There are also some autocomplete results about Christmas. Some answers to those questions, can be found in this map.

Several of the results on the map might be completely untrue. But the fact that they show up on top in Google autocomplete, means that apparently a lot of people are actually asking themselves those questions.

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