Asia’s Highest Ranking Universities

Location of the 100 highest ranking universities in Asia.

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This map gives a very clear picture of where the 50 best universities of Asia are located. With 10 universities in the top 50, Japan has the largest number of universities in the top 50. Second are South Korea and China, who both have 7 universities in Asia’s top 50. Hong Kong and Malaysia both have 5 universities in the top 50.

Of all cities, Hong Kong and Seoul have the highest number of universities in Asia’s top 50 (5 universities each). Followed by Tokyo, who has 4 universities in the top 50. The other cities with more than one university in Asia’s top 50 are: Singapore (2), Shanghai (2) and Beijing (2).

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Data used for this map, comes from the QS World University Ranking. Every year QS compiles a ranking of the world’s top universities. The QS World University Ranking is one of the three most-widely read university rankings in the world. Universities are judged based on academic peer review (40%), faculty/student ratio (20%), citations per faculty (20%), employer reputation (10%), international student ratio (5%) and international staff ratio (5%).

You can find the full ranking on their website:

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