Life Satisfaction

How satisfied are Europeans with their life?

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Map of life satisfaction in Europe.

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This map gives us an interesting view of how satisfied people in Europe are with their life overall. This map shows us the average rating on a scale from 0-10 of how satisfied people are with their lives overall. The results are quite encouraging. The majority of countries score a 7 or higher. Meaning that people are fairly satisfied with their life overall.

Turkey (5.6) and Bulgaria (5.7), are the only countries that score lower than a 6.0. Together with Serbia (6.0), they score much lower than the other countries on the map.

Of all Europeans, Austrians are the most satisfied with their lives. It’s the only country that scores an 8.0. Finland and Switzerland are right behind Austria, both scoring a 7.9.

The data for this map comes from Eurostat.

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