Cat Ownership in Europe

What percentage of European households own a cat?

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Map of the percentage of households in Europe that own a cat.

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Based on data from FEDIAF (the European Pet Food Industry Federation), cats are the most common pet in Europe, with an estimated 113.6 million cats kept as pets in European households in 2021. This represents a slight increase from previous years, indicating the continued appeal of cats as beloved companions.

There isn’t a very strong geographical pattern when it comes to cat ownership in Europe. For most European countries, between 20 and 40 percent of households own at least one cat.

Greece (13%) and Turkey (14%) have the lowest share of households that own a cat in Europe. Interestingly, Istanbul is known for having a large population of stray cats.

The highest share of households with a cat, can be found in Romania. Almost half of the country’s households in Romania own at least one cat. That’s far higher than any other European country. Romanians don’t just love cats, they also love dogs. 45% of Romanian households own at least one dog, which is also the highest in Europe.

Overall, FEDIAF’s 2021 data suggests that cat ownership remains a widespread and enduring practice in Europe, with millions of households across the continent enjoying the companionship of their feline friends. Whether you are a lifelong cat lover or considering adopting a cat for the first time, there is no denying the special bond that can develop between humans and these fascinating and beloved creatures.


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