Life Expectancy in Europe

What’s the life expectancy at birth around Europe?

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Map of life expectancy in Europe.

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A long time ago I made a map about life expectancy in Europe on the country level. This time I want to look at it in more detail and see the differences between the regions.

We can see some interesting patterns on this map. There still seems to be a pretty clear difference between the eastern and western half of Europe. Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Latvia clearly have the lowest life expectancy of all countries on this map. The 4 regions with the lowest life expectancy are all Bulgarian. Severozapaden has the lowest, 69.7 years.

Both Germany and the UK have several regions that have a lower life expectancy at birth than other countries in the western half of Europe. In Germany, we can still see some difference between east and west. In the UK, it’s northern England and southern Scotland that have a lower life expectancy than other parts of the country. Glasgow and the surrounding area even have the lowest life expectancy at birth in all of western Europe. In Belgium we can also see an interesting geographical pattern. You can clearly see the divide between the Dutch and French speaking part.

The highest life expectancy at birth can be found in Ticino in Switzerland. Together with Madrid, these are the only two regions with a life expectancy of over 85. Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Iceland, Norway and Sweden do quite well in most regions in regards to the life expectancy at birth.

The data for this map comes from Eurostat.

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