Self-Perceived Health of Europe

What percentage of Europeans thinks they are in good health?

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Map of the self-perceived health in Europe.

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This map gives us an interesting picture of how Europeans view their health. Of course, this shows people’s self-perceived health, not the actual condition of their health. How people perceive their health and how well their health actually is, can vary. As far as I know, there is no dataset that actually judges a country’s population’s overall health accurately. So the self-perceived health makes for an interesting dataset.

The Baltic countries and Portugal have by far the lowest self-perceived health. Less than 60% of people perceives their health as good or very good. In Lithuania (47.9%) and Latvia (49.8%) the people that perceive their health as good or very good are even a minority.

Fortunately, the majority of Europeans perceive their health as good or very good. In Ireland (81.2%), Albania (82.8%) and Switzerland (83.3%) the percentages are the highest.

The data for this map comes from Eurostat. The results come from a survey where people could rate their health as very good, good, fair, bad or very bad. The percentages on the map represent the people that answered with good or very good.

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