Cancer Death Rate in Europe

Which areas in Europe have the highest cancer death rate?

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Map of the cancer death rate in Europe.

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Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in most of Europe. On this map, we’re taking a closer look at which areas in Europe have a higher cancer death rate.

We can see that the cancer death rates seem to be a bit lower in the southern European countries, the Alps and in Norway, Finland and Sweden. The cancer death rate seems to be higher in Eastern Europe and Scotland.

There are a few areas that really stand out in terms of the cancer death rate: Hungary, Slovakia, western Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and southern Scotland.

Especially Hungary is a very worrying case. All 8 Hungarian NUTS 2 regions make it into the top 12. The cancer death rate in Hungary varies from 323.6 to 361.9. The high rates in Hungary are believed to be the cause of an unhealthy lifestyle. High smoking rates and a diet that is high on fat and low on fruits and vegetables, seem to be one of the major factors in Hungary.

The lowest rates can be found mostly in Turkey. Parts of Southern Europe and Scandinavia also have a relatively low cancer death rate.

Data for this map comes from Eurostat. Keep in mind that the death rate says nothing about the number of diagnosis and the quality of the healthcare for treating malignant neoplasms. Eurostat has no data on the prevalence of cancer at the NUTS 2 level.

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