Stress in Europe

What percentage of Europeans experiences stress on an average day?

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Map of the percentage of Europeans that experiences stress on an average day.

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On this map we can see what percentage of each country’s population experiences stress during a lot of the day on an average day. A lot of people think that more developed and richer societies are much more stressful than less developed societies. This is something I believed to be true as well, but as we can see, there is not relation to that.

Interestingly, we do see a geographical pattern here. Most of Europe scores quite similarly (30-40%). But there are 2 areas of Europe that really stand out from other areas. First off, the Baltics and far eastern Europe. Together with Denmark, these are some of the least stressful areas in the world. Russia (19%) is the least stressful country in Europe, followed by Latvia and Ukraine (20%). Keep in mind that this poll was taken before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Another area that stands out, is southeastern Europe. Although most of Europe scores below 40%, this part of Europe scores around or above 50%. In Malta (49%), Albania (50%), Cyprus (53%), Greece (57%) and Turkey (64%) a far larger part of he population experiences stress than other European countries.

The data comes from the Gallup Global Emotions Report. This report is based on nationally representative, probability-based samples among the adult population, ages 15 and older. The indexes are calculated from surveys in 122 countries and areas in 2021 and early 2022.

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