Importance of Religion to Europeans

How important is religion for Europeans?

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Map of how important religion is to Europeans.

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We already looked at how religious young adults in Europe are and what percentage of Europeans believe in God. On this map, we’re going to look at data from Pew Research on how important religion is to Europeans. This does not necessarily say how religious a country is.

There does seem to be some overlap with the previous maps about religion in Europe. West and Northern Europe largely have the lowest percentages. But the lowest percentages can be found in Estonia (6%), Czech Republic (7%), Denmark (8%) and Switzerland (9%). Interestingly, there are more people that believe in God, than people that think religion is important.

The highest percentages can again be found in Poland, Portugal and south-eastern Europe. Romania (50%), Bosnia (54%) and Greece (55%) are the only European countries where a majority of the population thinks religion is important in their lives.

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