Believe in God

What percentage of Europeans believes in God?

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Map of percentage of Europeans that believe in God.

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This map shows us some very strong differences in the percentage of people that believe in God. The data from Pew Research, shows us the percentage of the population that believe in God with absolute certainty. This does not necessarily say how religious a country is.

West and Northern Europe have the lowest percentage of people that believe in God. Germany has the lowest percentage in Europe (10%). Finland and Ireland are a bit higher than other countries in west and northern Europe.

In the rest of Europe, the percentage is mostly between 25% and 40%. The highest percentages can be found in Poland, Portugal and south-eastern Europe. In Moldova, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Bosnia, the majority of the population believes in God. Bosnia has by far the highest percentage in Europe, 66%.


  1. a big stupidity. how did you arrive at these numbers? I’m an atheist, but the priest refuses to listen to my opinion, and puts me in debt to the church, so that he can have many parishioners. there are many others like me


    1. Obviously you are a big…. intelligent atheist, but if you read it, this statistic is the result of personal interviews, they didn’t ask the priests.


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