Tobacco Smoking in the US

How prevalent is smoking across the US.?

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 Map of tobacco smokers in the United States.

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A while ago, I made a map about tobacco use in Europe. This time we’re going to look at the percentage of people that smoke tobacco in the US. Keep in mind the unlike the Europe map, the US map does not include chewing tobacco, but only tobacco that is smoked.

It’s interesting to see that the higher smoking rates are found in the Mid-West and the Deep South. There seems to be quite a clear geographical pattern here. West Virginia has by far the highest percentage, where 24% of adults smoke. Kentucky (22.2%) and Arkansas (21.6%) also have a pretty high percentage of smokers.

The lowest numbers can be found in the west and in the north-east. Utah and California are the only states where less than 10% of adults smoke tobacco. New Jersey and Maryland also have a pretty low number, where only 11.1% smokes.

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