Daily Smokers in Europe

Which European countries have the largest share of heavy smokers?

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Map of the daily smokers in Europe.

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A while ago, I made a map about tobacco use in Europe. This new map looks at the percentage of people that smoke on a daily basis, showing us which European countries have the largest share of heavy smokers.

The heaviest smokers can be found in south-eastern Europe. In Bulgaria, Turkey and Serbia more than 25% of the population smokes daily. Greece, Cyprus and Croatia also have a high percentage of heavy smokers.

Outside of southeastern Europe, we can see that Hungary, Latvia and Germany also have high percentage of daily smokers.

The lowest percentages can be found in Luxembourg and the Nordic countries. Although Sweden has the lowest share of daily smokers in Europe, it does have a high number of people using chewing tobacco or snus. In this dataset, chewing tobacco and snus is not included, only tobacco that is smoked. Sadly, Eurostat doesn’t have statistics on daily overall tobacco users. In that case I would estimate that the Swedish number would be much higher.

Data for this map comes from Eurostat and is adjusted for the population over 15 years of age.


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