Denmark’s highest peak

What part of Europe is higher than all of Denmark?

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Map of Europe with all the areas that are higher than all of Denmark.

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Of all European countries, Denmark’s highest peak, is the lowest compared to any other European country’s highest peak (micro-states excluded). I thought it would be a funny analysis to see which parts of the European landmass are higher than all of Denmark. In total, 52% of Europe, is higher than Denmark’s highest peak.

To create this map, I used the 2010 Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data from the USGS. I loaded them into QGIS and calculated all the areas that are higher than 171 metres.

Denmark’s highest peak is Møllehøj. At 171 metres (561 ft), it’s the highest point of Denmark proper. Only Monaco and the Vatican’s highest peak is lower (163 and 75 metres). Møllehøj is located in Skanderborg municipality in the east of the Midtjylland region on the Jutland peninsula. Overseas territories are not included in this. Gunnbjørn Fjeld in Greenland is 3,694 metres high, making it the highest point in the Kingdom of Denmark.

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