Wind Turbines in Europe

Where are Europe’s wind turbines located?

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Map of the location of all wind turbines in Europe.

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We recently looked at how much of Europe’s total energy production comes from wind energy. On this map, we’re going to look where exactly those wind turbines are located.

Every green dot on this map represents a wind turbine. The brighter green areas represent a higher density of wind turbines.

We can see that Denmark and Germany are littered with wind turbines. Denmark generates 58% of its electricity from wind turbines, so that comes as no surprise. Other northwestern European countries also have a large number of wind turbines (Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium).

In Southern Europe, we can also find some large concentrations of wind turbines. Spain, Portugal, Southern Italy, Western Turkey and parts of Greece also have large numbers of wind turbines. It’s really interesting to see how in Italy, the wind turbines are concentrated in Sardinia, Sicily and the interior of Campania, Puglia and Basilicata.

The data for this map comes from OpenStreetMap. Please be aware that it could be possible that some wind turbines are missing. OpenStreetMap data is usually fairly accurate, but depending on the country, it could be somewhat incomplete. I’ve analysed the data I extracted from OpenStreetMap and removed any wind turbines that were demolished or not constructed yet. I did this based on the attribute table. As this dataset contains tens of thousands of wind turbines, it’s impossible to check every single one of them with the satellite images.


  1. Please update this very useful map every year at least. Wind power implementation is going very fast and a map of changes could also be very useful.


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