Robbery Rate

Where in Europe are you more likely to get robbed?

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Map of Europe showing the number of robberies per 100,000 inhabitants.

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Having something stolen from you, is already bad. But having something stolen from you with violence is a very unpleasant and sometimes traumatizing experience.

This map show the number of reported robberies in 2019 per 100,000 people. The data comes from Eurostat, who bases these number on police reports from each country. The number of unreported robberies can vary from country to country, so keep that in mind.

A robbery is defined by Eurostat as a means of stealing from someone by using physical force, weapon or threat, such as mugging or robbery (e.g. bank, shop or van). Robbery is different from theft (without force) and assault (without stealing).

There are a couple of countries in this dataset that clearly stand out. Belgium, Spain and England and Wales have by far the highest robbery rates in Europe. In Portugal, Sweden and Luxembourg, the robbery rate is pretty high as well.

The lowest robbery rate can be found mostly in Eastern Europe, but also in Iceland and Norway.


  1. Should differentiate the results between Robbery Theft and Assault.
    Then also consider: what’s the real and original nationality of the robbers/thiefs/assaulters?

    Lots of non-british ppl rob in britain, lots of non-spanish ppl rob in spain.
    And they also rape and stab, you know who I’m talking about…


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