Europe’s Oldest Metro systems

Which European cities have a metro/ subway system and when was the first line opened?

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Map of the metro/ subway systems in Europe.

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In 1863, the London Underground opened. It was the first metropolitan railway system in the world. Since then, many metro systems have been developed all around the world. The Budapest Metro, is the second oldest in the world. It opened 33 years after the London Underground opened. Shortly after the opening of the Budapest Metro, the Glasgow Subway opened. The circular line with 15 stations, has never been expanded since it opened.

We can see on this map, that most major European cities have a metro system. But we also see some unexpected smaller cities with a metro system. Lausanne, with a population just under 150,000, has a metro system with 2 lines and 28 stations. It is the smallest city in the world to have a metro system. On top of that, it’s also the only city in Switzerland with a metro system.

Now, there are several public transport systems that might appear like a metro system, but are not included in this map. A good example is the German U-Bahn you will find in a lot of major German cities. Despite these systems being partially underground, they are not considered to be a metropolitan railway system. These kinds of systems are light rail (similar to a tram) and are therefore not included in this map.

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