European Football Championship Appearances

Now Euro 2020 is over. Let’s have a look at how often each country has participated.

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Map showing the number of appearances of each European country during the European Football Championship.

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Sunday, Italy won the European Football Championship after beating England in the penalty shoot-out. It could have been England’s first European Cup, but ended up being Italy’s second Cup.

Euro 2020 saw two first time competitors: Finland and North Macedonia.

Germany has participated more than any other country. Since 1972, Germany has been present on every single tournament. It has also won the European Cup the most, together with Spain. Both countries won the European Cup 3 times. France is the only country to win it twice. Spain is second when it comes to the number of appearances on the European Football Championship, 11 times. Next are four countries that all participated 10 times: England, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

If one would combine the appearances of the Soviet Union and Russia, it would be in second place with 12 appearances. The Czech Republic already appeared 7 times since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Combined with the appearances of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic would be fourth with 10 appearances.

After more than 60 years of European Football Championships, there are still UEFA members that never qualified. Not surprisingly these include microstates like Liechtenstein, San Marino, Andorra, Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands. But this also includes Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

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