Employment in High-Tech

Which areas in Europe are the biggest hubs for high-tech, when it comes to employment?

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Which areas in Europe are the biggest hubs for high-tech, when it comes to employment?

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If you’re curious in which parts of Europe the high-tech sector is the biggest, this map will help you to get a better idea. It shows the share of the high-tech sector compared to the total employment in the area.

One thing you can notice straight away, is how in a lot of countries, the area around its largest city is dark blue. Belgrade, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Stockholm and Warsaw have a much higher share of employment in high-tech than other parts of the country.

London and especially the area just west of it (in particular Oxford), is the biggest tech hub in Europe when looking at the share of employment. Almost 12% of the working population is employed in the high-tech sector in this area.

Prague and Budapest are also major tech hubs in Europe. Both boast a great environment for tech start-ups and employ more than 10% of the working population. Budapest is home to TIER, Europe’s leader in micro-mobility. Prague is home to Avast, one of the world’s biggest cyber security companies.

Completing the top 5 are Stockholm and Helsinki. Both employing 9.7% of the city’s working population.

The areas shown on this map are NUTS 2 areas. NUTS areas (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) were created by Eurostat, the source of the data for this map. Eurostat is the statistical office for all the EU countries, former EU countries, EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland) and EU candidate members (Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey).

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